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So, what are we looking at here?

My most recent project...These are consumer education spots for an upscale men's shaving product line from Bevel. I proposed the concept of sophisticated, engineering/industrial design diagrams which spoke of the precision and care which went into the creation of the products and also presented the material with respect for their intended audience (affluent, educated black men or those aspiring to affluence).

Concept, design and execution were all me!​


The breakdown is as follows:

1. Abbreviated clips for a promotion piece for Gretchen Rubin's "Happier at Home" Concept and Execution was all me.

2. Ending clips from a promotional piece for Kim Stanley Robinson's "Red Moon" Concept, shoot, execution, etc. This is include to demo a drawn-on, "chalkboard" effect I designed as part of his personal brand.

3. HOMER, PBS Sponsorship Spot Animation Direction and Creative Direction for all animated elements. This seemed relevant as a stylistic example of combining live action with animation.

4. Samples of interactive elements in the HOMER App. A kids' educational app, this clean, graphic style seemed to fit the aesthetics the client is after. As an added bonus, these elements are completely made of "code," meaning they are fully ready to be imported in nearly any interactive app, website, etc.

5. Graph-iti Sample clips from an animated opening for an educational spot teaching kids how to use functions and graphs. Client's concept was to use a graffiti motif to run with the pun. I included this as one of my few 3D samples. Could have been done in Maya or C4d. I can't recall. Creative Direction, Animation and Execution is all me.

6. Speakaboos: Hand-crafted (web advertising and social media spot) Full concept and full execution. This spot, dollar for dollar out-performed our paid TV spot that year. Also, the character shown, "Robot" was their most popular property. And, it just so happened that I created him.

7. Samplings of HOMER content: "Letter videos," demonstrating animated illustration, concept through execution. "Power Words": 'Puppy' and 'Dinosaur': Concept, animation and technical direction.

8. Ending clip of "Happy Robot" A personal work. Apologies for the water-marked audio.


A Brief Sampler...


My VFX Reel


My visual effects reel...

& Company was a pioneering visual effects studio located in New York City. I'm proud to have co-founded and helmed the company before I left the enterprise to my business partner in 2012, removing my Executive Producer hat to fully focus on creative directing.

Upon founding the studio, I built the technical infrastructure as well as our client base and, I grew our talent pool, supervising teams as large as 15 artists spread over 5 projects at a time. During my ten year run, we worked on over 30 major motion pictures, a few samples of which can be seen here: