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Welcome to my very own website!

To elaborate on the 3 pillars, I'll be recalling some of my favorite (and least favorite) projects, detailing their successes and sadly a few failures here and there.

From setting up a studio environment, designing production pipelines, to dreaming up adorable characters to delight little kids, I'm you'll find something applicable to your processes or organization.

Everybody loves a Venn Diagram!

Every creative endeavor is supported by three major areas of expertise: the "Creative," the guiding vision steering the project, the "Technology," the chosen medium, its form and the techniques used to craft it, and "Production," the system of organization and management used to coordinate the execution on a timeline. I call these "The Three Pillars of Production."


Boiled down, every form of media requires these three pillars.

As productions grow in scale and complexity, it makes sense to have one person represent and direct the concerns of each of these principles.

Those three roles would be a Creative Director, supervising and leading the creative efforts, a Technical Director, planning, building and supervising the technological framework which allows the media to be distributed, and a Producer, coordinating the efforts of this cross-functional team.

Over the years, I have occupied each of these roles. I have an intimate understanding of the best practices for how they should interface with each other, how they function as checks-and-balances, and how this whole "creative services" team can best fit into a larger organization.

In these pages, I hope to elaborate on this in a comprehensive way that might inform others planning on setting up a creative team within their organization.



A major focus in my life has been animated media. I love bringing ideas to life, dreaming up complete story worlds and populating them with authentic characters to inspire audiences.

I have deeply studied the creative process and how to best facilitate it in a professional environment.

Creative Vision, Technology and Production Arts all work in harmony, supporting each other to create beautiful experiences.

Please reach out if I can help your organization reach their creative goals.


Go ahead, say hi. Ask a question...
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